Javier Gonzalez


Some strategies for the improvement of a Spanish WordNet
Matias Herrera | Javier Gonzalez | Luis Chiruzzo | Dina Wonsever
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

Although there are currently several versions of Princeton WordNet for different languages, the lack of development of some of these versions does not make it possible to use them in different Natural Language Processing applications. So is the case of the Spanish Wordnet contained in the Multilingual Central Repository (MCR), which we tried unsuccessfully to incorporate into an anaphora resolution application and also in search terms expansion. In this situation, different strategies to improve MCR Spanish WordNet coverage were put forward and tested, obtaining encouraging results. A specific process was conducted to increase the number of adverbs, and a few simple processes were applied which made it possible to increase, at a very low cost, the number of terms in the Spanish WordNet. Finally, a more complex method based on distributional semantics was proposed, using the relations between English Wordnet synsets, also returning positive results.