Javier Farreres

Also published as: Xavier Farreres


Selecting the Correct English Synset for a Spanish Sense
Javier Farreres | Horacio Rodríguez
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’04)

This work tries to enrich the Spanish Wordnet using a Spanish taxonomy as a knowledge source. The Spanish taxonomy is composed by Spanish senses, while Spanish Wordnet is composed by synsets, mostly linked to English WordNet. A set of weighted associations between Spanish words and Wordnet synsets is used for inferring associations between both taxonomies.


Semiautomatic Creation of Taxonomies
Javier Farreres | Horacio Rodríguez | Karina Gibert
COLING-02: SEMANET: Building and Using Semantic Networks


Using WordNet for Building WordNets
Xavier Farreres | German Rigau | Horacio Rodffguez
Usage of WordNet in Natural Language Processing Systems