James Brinton


A glimpse of assistive technology in daily life
Preethi Vaidyanathan | Angela Wislon | Doug Sawyer | Amy Diego | Augustine Webster | Katerina Fassov | James Brinton | Jenn Rubenstein
Ninth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (SLPAT-2022)

Robitaille (2010) wrote ‘if all technology companies have accessibility in their mind then people with disabilities won’t be left behind.’ Current technology has come a long way from where it stood decades ago; however, researchers and manufacturers often do not include people with disabilities in the design process and tend to accommodate them after the fact. In this paper we share feedback from four assistive technology users who rely on one or more assistive technology devices in their everyday lives. We believe end users should be part of the design process and that by bringing together experts and users, we can bridge the research/practice gap.