Ilnar Salimzyanov


Finite-state morphological transducers for three Kypchak languages
Jonathan Washington | Ilnar Salimzyanov | Francis Tyers
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

This paper describes the development of free/open-source finite-state morphological transducers for three Turkic languages―Kazakh, Tatar, and Kumyk―representing one language from each of the three sub-branches of the Kypchak branch of Turkic. The finite-state toolkit used for the work is the Helsinki Finite-State Toolkit (HFST). This paper describes how the development of a transducer for each subsequent closely-related language took less development time. An evaluation is presented which shows that the transducers all have a reasonable coverage―around 90\%―on freely available corpora of the languages, and high precision over a manually verified test set.


A Free/Open-source Kazakh-Tatar Machine Translation System
Ilnar Salimzyanov | Jonathan Washington | Francis Tyers
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XIV: Papers