Igor Tseyzer


The 2013 KIT IWSLT speech-to-text systems for German and English
Kevin Kilgour | Christian Mohr | Michael Heck | Quoc Bao Nguyen | Van Huy Nguyen | Evgeniy Shin | Igor Tseyzer | Jonas Gehring | Markus Müller | Matthias Sperber | Sebastian Stüker | Alex Waibel
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation: Evaluation Campaign

This paper describes our English Speech-to-Text (STT) systems for the 2013 IWSLT TED ASR track. The systems consist of multiple subsystems that are combinations of different front-ends, e.g. MVDR-MFCC based and lMel based ones, GMM and NN acoustic models and different phone sets. The outputs of the subsystems are combined via confusion network combination. Decoding is done in two stages, where the systems of the second stage are adapted in an unsupervised manner on the combination of the first stage outputs using VTLN, MLLR, and cMLLR.