Hugo Molina-Salgado


Litigation Analytics: Extracting and querying motions and orders from US federal courts
Thomas Vacek | Dezhao Song | Hugo Molina-Salgado | Ronald Teo | Conner Cowling | Frank Schilder
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Demonstrations)

Legal litigation planning can benefit from statistics collected from past decisions made by judges. Information on the typical duration for a submitted motion, for example, can give valuable clues for developing a successful strategy. Such information is encoded in semi-structured documents called dockets. In order to extract and aggregate this information, we deployed various information extraction and machine learning techniques. The aggregated data can be queried in real time within the Westlaw Edge search engine. In addition to a keyword search for judges, lawyers, law firms, parties and courts, we also implemented a question answering interface that offers targeted questions in order to get to the respective answers quicker.


Generating personal profiles
Jim Cowie | Sergei Nirenburg | Hugo Molina-Salgado
Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Translation and Multilingual Applications in the new Millennium: MT 2000

The Week at a Glance - Cross-language Cross-document Information Extraction and Translation
Jim Cowie | Yevgeny Ludovik | Hugo Molina-Salgado | Sergei Nirenburg
COLING 2000 Volume 2: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics


Improving Robust Domain Independent Summarization
Jim Cowie | Eugene Ludovik | Hugo Molina-Salgado
TIPSTER TEXT PROGRAM PHASE III: Proceedings of a Workshop held at Baltimore, Maryland, October 13-15, 1998


PANGLYZER: Spanish Language Analysis System
David Farwell | Steven Helmreich | Wanying Jin | Mark Casper | Jim Hargrave | Hugo Molina-Salgado | Fuliang Weng
Proceedings of the First Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas