Hiroshi Isahara


A Useful-based Evaluation of Reading Support Systems: Comprehension, Reading Speed and Effective Speed
Katsunori Kotani | Takehiko Yoshimi | Takeshi Kutsumi | Ichiko Sata | Hiroshi Isahara
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Posters

This paper reports the result of our experiment, the aim of which is to examine the efficiency of reading support systems such as a sentence-machine translation system, a word-machine translation system, and so on. Our evaluation method used in the experiment is able to handle the different reading support systems by assessing the usability of the systems, i.e., comprehension, reading speed, and effective speed. The result shows that the reading-speed procedure is able to evaluate the support systems as well as the comprehension-based procedure proposed by Ohguro (1993) and Fuji et al. (2001).