Hanady Ahmed


CENTEMENT at SemEval-2018 Task 1: Classification of Tweets using Multiple Thresholds with Self-correction and Weighted Conditional Probabilities
Tariq Ahmad | Allan Ramsay | Hanady Ahmed
Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

In this paper we present our contribution to SemEval-2018, a classifier for classifying multi-label emotions of Arabic and English tweets. We attempted “Affect in Tweets”, specifically Task E-c: Detecting Emotions (multi-label classification). Our method is based on preprocessing the tweets and creating word vectors combined with a self correction step to remove noise. We also make use of emotion specific thresholds. The final submission was selected upon the best performance achieved, selected when using a range of thresholds. Our system was evaluated on the Arabic and English datasets provided for the task by the competition organisers, where it ranked 2nd for the Arabic dataset (out of 14 entries) and 12th for the English dataset (out of 35 entries).


Arabic Tweets Treebanking and Parsing: A Bootstrapping Approach
Fahad Albogamy | Allan Ramsay | Hanady Ahmed
Proceedings of the Third Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

In this paper, we propose using a “bootstrapping” method for constructing a dependency treebank of Arabic tweets. This method uses a rule-based parser to create a small treebank of one thousand Arabic tweets and a data-driven parser to create a larger treebank by using the small treebank as a seed training set. We are able to create a dependency treebank from unlabelled tweets without any manual intervention. Experiments results show that this method can improve the speed of training the parser and the accuracy of the resulting parsers.