Frederik Schulze


HPI Question Answering System in BioASQ 2016
Frederik Schulze | Ricarda Schüler | Tim Draeger | Daniel Dummer | Alexander Ernst | Pedro Flemming | Cindy Perscheid | Mariana Neves
Proceedings of the Fourth BioASQ workshop

Entity-Supported Summarization of Biomedical Abstracts
Frederik Schulze | Mariana Neves
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Building and Evaluating Resources for Biomedical Text Mining (BioTxtM2016)

The increasing amount of biomedical information that is available for researchers and clinicians makes it harder to quickly find the right information. Automatic summarization of multiple texts can provide summaries specific to the user’s information needs. In this paper we look into the use named-entity recognition for graph-based summarization. We extend the LexRank algorithm with information about named entities and present EntityRank, a multi-document graph-based summarization algorithm that is solely based on named entities. We evaluate our system on a datasets of 1009 human written summaries provided by BioASQ and on 1974 gene summaries, fetched from the Entrez Gene database. The results show that the addition of named-entity information increases the performance of graph-based summarizers and that the EntityRank significantly outperforms the other methods with regard to the ROUGE measures.