František Kratochvíl

Also published as: Frantisek Kratochvil


Automatic Verb Classifier for Abui (AVC-abz)
Frantisek Kratochvil | George Saad | Jiří Vomlel | Václav Kratochvíl
Proceedings of the Workshop on Resources and Technologies for Indigenous, Endangered and Lesser-resourced Languages in Eurasia within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We present an automatic verb classifier system that identifies inflectional classes in Abui (AVC-abz), a Papuan language of the Timor-Alor-Pantar family. The system combines manually annotated language data (the learning set) with the output of a morphological precision grammar (corpus data). The morphological precision grammar is trained on a fully glossed smaller corpus and applied to a larger corpus. Using the k-means algorithm, the system clusters inflectional classes discovered in the learning set. In the second step, Naive Bayes algorithm assigns the verbs found in the corpus data to the best-fitting cluster. AVC-abz serves to advance and refine the grammatical analysis of Abui as well as to monitor corpus coverage and its gradual improvement.

Abui Wordnet: Using a Toolbox Dictionary to develop a wordnet for a low-resource language
Frantisek Kratochvil | Luís Morgado da Costa
Proceedings of the first workshop on NLP applications to field linguistics

This paper describes a procedure to link a Toolbox dictionary of a low-resource language to correct synsets, generating a new wordnet. We introduce a bootstrapping technique utilising the information in the gloss fields (English, national, and regional) to generate sense candidates using a naive algorithm based on multilingual sense intersection. We show that this technique is quite effective when glosses are available in more than one language. Our technique complements the previous work by Rosman et al. (2014) which linked the SIL Semantic Domains to wordnet senses. Through this work we have created a small, fully hand-checked wordnet for Abui, containing over 1,400 concepts and 3,600 senses.


Computational Support for Finding Word Classes: A Case Study of Abui
Olga Zamaraeva | František Kratochvíl | Emily M. Bender | Fei Xia | Kristen Howell
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages


Bringing together over- and under- represented languages: Linking WordNet to the SIL Semantic Domains
Muhammad Zulhelmy bin Mohd Rosman | František Kratochvíl | Francis Bond
Proceedings of the Seventh Global Wordnet Conference