Edgar Gonzàlez Pellicer

Also published as: Edgar Gonzàlez


Identifying Domain Adjacent Instances for Semantic Parsers
James Ferguson | Janara Christensen | Edward Li | Edgar Gonzàlez
Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

When the semantics of a sentence are not representable in a semantic parser’s output schema, parsing will inevitably fail. Detection of these instances is commonly treated as an out-of-domain classification problem. However, there is also a more subtle scenario in which the test data is drawn from the same domain. In addition to formalizing this problem of domain-adjacency, we present a comparison of various baselines that could be used to solve it. We also propose a new simple sentence representation that emphasizes words which are unexpected. This approach improves the performance of a downstream semantic parser run on in-domain and domain-adjacent instances.


Exploring the steps of Verb Phrase Ellipsis
Zhengzhong Liu | Edgar Gonzàlez Pellicer | Daniel Gillick
Proceedings of the Workshop on Coreference Resolution Beyond OntoNotes (CORBON 2016)


Resolving Discourse-Deictic Pronouns: A Two-Stage Approach to Do It
Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Raul Guerra | Edgar Gonzàlez Pellicer | Marta Recasens
Proceedings of the Fourth Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics