Christopher Chute

Also published as: Christopher G. Chute


Representing Clinical Diagnostic Criteria in Quality Data Model Using Natural Language Processing
Na Hong | Dingcheng Li | Yue Yu | Hongfang Liu | Christopher G. Chute | Guoqian Jiang
Proceedings of BioNLP 15


Analysis of Cross-Institutional Medication Information Annotations in Clinical Notes
Sunghwan Sohn | Cheryl Clark | Scott Halgrim | Sean Murphy | Siddhartha Jonnalagadda | Kavishwar Wagholikar | Stephen Wu | Christopher Chute | Hongfang Liu
Proceedings of the IWCS 2013 Workshop on Computational Semantics in Clinical Text (CSCT 2013)


Constructing Evaluation Corpora for Automated Clinical Named Entity Recognition
Philip Ogren | Guergana Savova | Christopher Chute
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

We report on the construction of a gold-standard dataset consisting of annotated clinical notes suitable for evaluating our biomedical named entity recognition system. The dataset is the result of consensus between four human annotators and contains 1,556 annotations on 160 clinical notes using 658 unique concept codes from SNOMED-CT corresponding to human disorders. Inter-annotator agreement was calculated on annotations from 100 of the documents for span (90.9%), concept code (81.7%), context (84.8%), and status (86.0%) agreement. Complete agreement for span, concept code, context, and status was 74.6%. We found that creating a consensus set based on annotations from two independently-created annotation sets can reduce inter-annotator disagreement by 32.3%. We found little benefit to pre-annotating the corpus with a third-party named entity recognizer.


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Cluster Stopping Rules for Word Sense Discrimination
Guergana Savova | Terry Therneau | Christopher Chute
Proceedings of the Workshop on Making Sense of Sense: Bringing Psycholinguistics and Computational Linguistics Together


Creating a Test Corpus of Clinical Notes Manually Tagged for Part-of-Speech Information
Serguei Pakhomov | Anni Coden | Christopher Chute
Proceedings of the International Joint Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine and its Applications (NLPBA/BioNLP)


Identification of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure using a Binary Classifier: A Case Study.
Serguei V. Pakhomov | James Buntrock | Christopher G. Chute
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A Linear Least Squares Fit Mapping Method for Information Retrieval From Natural Language Texts
Yiming Yang | Christopher G. Chute
COLING 1992 Volume 2: The 14th International Conference on Computational Linguistics