Christina Brester


Speech-Based Emotion Recognition: Feature Selection by Self-Adaptive Multi-Criteria Genetic Algorithm
Maxim Sidorov | Christina Brester | Wolfgang Minker | Eugene Semenkin
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

Automated emotion recognition has a number of applications in Interactive Voice Response systems, call centers, etc. While employing existing feature sets and methods for automated emotion recognition has already achieved reasonable results, there is still a lot to do for improvement. Meanwhile, an optimal feature set, which should be used to represent speech signals for performing speech-based emotion recognition techniques, is still an open question. In our research, we tried to figure out the most essential features with self-adaptive multi-objective genetic algorithm as a feature selection technique and a probabilistic neural network as a classifier. The proposed approach was evaluated using a number of multi-languages databases (English, German), which were represented by 37- and 384-dimensional feature sets. According to the obtained results, the developed technique allows to increase the emotion recognition performance by up to 26.08 relative improvement in accuracy. Moreover, emotion recognition performance scores for all applied databases are improved.