Chloé Pou-Prom


Predicting ICU transfers using text messages between nurses and doctors
Faiza Khan Khattak | Chloé Pou-Prom | Robert Wu | Frank Rudzicz
Proceedings of the 2nd Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop

We explore the use of real-time clinical information, i.e., text messages sent between nurses and doctors regarding patient conditions in order to predict transfer to the intensive care unit(ICU). Preliminary results, in data from five hospitals, indicate that, despite being short and full of noise, text messages can augment other visit information to improve the performance of ICU transfer prediction.


Learning multiview embeddings for assessing dementia
Chloé Pou-Prom | Frank Rudzicz
Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

As the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) increases, early detection becomes crucial. Unfortunately, datasets for AD assessment are often sparse and incomplete. In this work, we leverage the multiview nature of a small AD dataset, DementiaBank, to learn an embedding that captures different modes of cognitive impairment. We apply generalized canonical correlation analysis (GCCA) to our dataset and demonstrate the added benefit of using multiview embeddings in two downstream tasks: identifying AD and predicting clinical scores. By including multiview embeddings, we obtain an F1 score of 0.82 in the classification task and a mean absolute error of 3.42 in the regression task. Furthermore, we show that multiview embeddings can be obtained from other datasets as well.