Brian Roberson


Multi-Language Desktop Suite
Brian Roberson
Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government MT User Program

Professional language analysts leverage a myriad of tools in their quest to produce accurate translations of foreign language material. The effectiveness of these tools ultimately affects resource allocation, information dissemination and subsequent follow-on mission planning; all three of which are vital, time-critical components in the intelligence cycle. This presentation will highlight the need for interactive tools that perform jointly in an operational environment, focusing on a dynamic suite of foreign language tools packaged into a desktop application and serving in a machine translation role. Basis Technology's Arabic/Afghan Desktop Suite (ADS) supports DOMEX, CELLEX, and HUMINT missions while being the most powerful Arabic, Dari and Pushto text analytic and processing software available. The ADS translates large scale lists of names from foreign language to English and also pinpoints place names appearing in reports with their coordinate locations on maps. With standardization output having to be more accurate than ever, the ADS ensures conformance with USG transliteration standards for Arabic script languages, including IC, BGN/PCGN, SATTS and MELTS. The ADS enables optimization of your limited resources and allows your analysts and linguists to be tasked more efficiently throughout the workflow process.