Antonio Guillén


Natural Language Processing Technologies for Document Profiling
Antonio Guillén | Yoan Gutiérrez | Rafael Muñoz
Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP 2017

Nowadays, search for documents on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. The reason is the amount of content published by users (articles, comments, blogs, reviews). How to facilitate that the users can find their required documents? What would be necessary to provide useful document meta-data for supporting search engines? In this article, we present a study of some Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that can be useful for facilitating the proper identification of documents according to the user needs. For this purpose, it is designed a document profile that will be able to represent semantic meta-data extracted from documents by using NLP technologies. The research is basically focused on the study of different NLP technologies in order to support the creation our novel document profile proposal from semantic perspectives.