Anna Paula Pawlicka Maule


Cryptocurrency Day Trading and Framing Prediction in Microblog Discourse
Anna Paula Pawlicka Maule | Kristen Johnson
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Economics and Natural Language Processing

With 56 million people actively trading and investing in cryptocurrency online and globally in 2020, there is an increasing need for automatic social media analysis tools to help understand trading discourse and behavior. In this work, we present a dual natural language modeling pipeline which leverages language and social network behaviors for the prediction of cryptocurrency day trading actions and their associated framing patterns. This pipeline first predicts if tweets can be used to guide day trading behavior, specifically if a cryptocurrency investor should buy, sell, or hold their cryptocurrencies in order to make a profit. Next, tweets are input to an unsupervised deep clustering approach to automatically detect trading framing patterns. Our contributions include the modeling pipeline for this novel task, a new Cryptocurrency Tweets Dataset compiled from influential accounts, and a Historical Price Dataset. Our experiments show that our approach achieves an 88.78% accuracy for day trading behavior prediction and reveals framing fluctuations prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic that could be used to guide investment actions.


Using Social Media For Bitcoin Day Trading Behavior Prediction
Anna Paula Pawlicka Maule | Kristen Johnson
Proceedings of the The Fourth Widening Natural Language Processing Workshop

This abstract presents preliminary work in the application of natural language processing techniques and social network modeling for the prediction of cryptocurrency trading and investment behavior. Specifically, we are building models to use language and social network behaviors to predict if the tweets of a 24-hour period can be used to buy or sell cryptocurrency to make a profit. In this paper we present our novel task and initial language modeling studies.