Ambyer Han


TencentFmRD Neural Machine Translation for WMT18
Bojie Hu | Ambyer Han | Shen Huang
Proceedings of the Third Conference on Machine Translation: Shared Task Papers

This paper describes the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) system of TencentFmRD for Chinese↔English news translation tasks of WMT 2018. Our systems are neural machine translation systems trained with our original system TenTrans. TenTrans is an improved NMT system based on Transformer self-attention mechanism. In addition to the basic settings of Transformer training, TenTrans uses multi-model fusion techniques, multiple features reranking, different segmentation models and joint learning. Finally, we adopt some data selection strategies to fine-tune the trained system and achieve a stable performance improvement. Our Chinese→English system achieved the second best BLEU scores and fourth best cased BLEU scores among all WMT18 submitted systems.