Alice Saebom Kwak


Extracting Space Situational Awareness Events from News Text
Zhengnan Xie | Alice Saebom Kwak | Enfa George | Laura W. Dozal | Hoang Van | Moriba Jah | Roberto Furfaro | Peter Jansen
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Space situational awareness typically makes use of physical measurements from radar, telescopes, and other assets to monitor satellites and other spacecraft for operational, navigational, and defense purposes. In this work we explore using textual input for the space situational awareness task. We construct a corpus of 48.5k news articles spanning all known active satellites between 2009 and 2020. Using a dependency-rule-based extraction system designed to target three high-impact events – spacecraft launches, failures, and decommissionings, we identify 1,787 space-event sentences that are then annotated by humans with 15.9k labels for event slots. We empirically demonstrate a state-of-the-art neural extraction system achieves an overall F1 between 53 and 91 per slot for event extraction in this low-resource, high-impact domain.