Adela Schneider


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Data-to-text systems as writing environment
Adela Schneider | Andreas Madsack | Johanna Heininger | Ching-Yi Chen | Robert Weißgraeber
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants (In2Writing 2022)

Today, data-to-text systems are used as commercial solutions for automated text productionof large quantities of text. Therefore, they already represent a new technology of writing.This new technology requires the author, asan act of writing, both to configure a systemthat then takes over the transformation into areal text, but also to maintain strategies of traditional writing. What should an environmentlook like, where a human guides a machineto write texts? Based on a comparison of theNLG pipeline architecture with the results ofthe research on the human writing process, thispaper attempts to take an overview of whichtasks need to be solved and which strategiesare necessary to produce good texts in this environment. From this synopsis, principles for thedesign of data-to-text systems as a functioningwriting environment are then derived.