Achraf Chalabi


Romanized Arabic Transliteration
Achraf Chalabi | Hany Gerges
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods


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MT-based transparent Arabization of the Internet TARJIM.COM
Achraf Chalabi
Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: System Descriptions

As is known, the majority of the actual textual content on the Internet is in English language. This represents an obstacle to those non-English speaking users willing to access the Internet. The idea behind this MT-based application is to allow any Arabic user to search and navigate through the Internet using Arabic language without the need to have prior knowledge of English language. The infrastructure of TARJIM.COM relies on 3 basic core components : 1- The Bi-directional English-Arabic Machine translation Engine, 2- The intelligent Web page layout preserving component and 3-The Search Engine query interceptor.


Sakhr Arabic-English computer-aided translation system
Achraf Chalabi
Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: System Descriptions

Automation of the whole translation process using computers and machine translation systems did not fulfill,so far, the ever-growing needs for translation. On the other hand, Computer-aided translation systems have tackled the translation process by first concentrating on those mechanical tasks performed during the translation, then by gradually automating those intellingent (creative) tasks.This has resulted in useful systems that both increase translator’s productivity and guarantee better cinsistency across translation jobs.This paper describes Sakhr Cat system which has been specifically designed to support document, web page translation and software localisation for the Arabic-English language pair.