Igor Backlan


Computer-aided translation tools for Russian. Ukrainian, and English
Michael S. Blekhman | Maryna Byezhanova | Andrei Kursin | Igor Backlan | Alexander Kazakov | Vladimir Petrov
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VII

The paper presents a new development by Lingvistica ‘98 Inc.: the PG-PARS computer-assisted translation system and a series of professional bidirectional dictionaries. PG-PARS was designed as a Windows 95 and Windows 98 application to support English-Russian-English and English-Ukrainian-English dictionaries. PG-PARS dictionaries are all bidirectional, i.e. they include, for example, both the English-Russian and Russian-English parts. Each part has its alphabetical index of entries displayed on a separate tab in the PG-PARS main window. The word entries are displayed for both parts of the dictionary, and translations of translations can be found easily, which is useful for a professional translator. One of the main peculiarities of PG-PARS is the Smart search mode based on morphological analysis of Slavic and English words looked up in the dictionaries. This is especially beneficial if the user is not a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian. Another important feature is the Selection option which allows the user to mark a portion of the dictionary entry and paste it into the text. The presentation will show professional applications of the PG-PARS system for translating Russian and English texts.