Conferences of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: MT Users' Track

Spence Green, Lane Schwartz (Editors)

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October 28 - November 1
Austin, TX, USA
The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
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Conferences of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: MT Users' Track
Spence Green | Lane Schwartz

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MT crowdsource at Yandex
Irina Galinskaya | Farhat Aminov

MT Post-Editing in a cloud based environment
Jean-Luc Saillard

MT Adaptation from TMs in ModernMT
Marcello Federico

Web App UI Layout Sniffer
Raymond Peng | Xin Jing Hu

Multilingual Search with Machine Translation in the Intel Communities
Ryan Martin

MT Thresholding: Achieving a defined quality bar with a mix of human and machine translation
Dag Schmidtke

Machine Translation Acceptance Among Professional Linguists: Are We Nearing the Tipping Point?
Yves Champollion

What Can We Really Learn from Post-editing?
Marcis Pinnis | Rihards Kalnins | Raivis Skadins | Inguna Skadina

An Empirical Study: Post-editing Effort for English to Arabic Hybrid Machine Translation
Hassan Sajjad | Francisco Guzman | Stephan Vogel

Divide and Conquer Strategy for Large Data MT
Dimitar Shterionov

The Reasonable Effectiveness of Data
Achim Ruopp

MT for Uralic Languages: Yandex Approach
Irina Galinskaya | Alexey Baytin

Seamlessly integrating machine translation into existing translation processes (STAR MT and Transit NXT)
Nadira Hofmann

Building a Translation Memory to Improve Machine Translation Coverage and Quality
Duncan Gillespie | Benjamin Russell

Enhancing a Production TM-MT Environment Using a Quotation TM
Hitokazu Matsushita | Steve Richardson

Improving Machine Translation for Post-Editing via Real Time Adaptation
Dragos Munteanu

Improving KantanMT Training Efficiency with fast_align
Dimitar Shterionov | Jinhua Du | Marc Anthony Palminteri | Laura Casanellas | Tony O’Dowd | Andy Way

Speech translation user experience in practice
Chris Wendt | Will Lewis | Tanvi Surti

Evaluation of machine translation quality in e-commerce environment
Maxim Khalilov

I Ate Too Much Cake: Beyond Domain-Specific MT Engines
Alex Yanishevsky

What? Why? How? - Factors that impact the success of commercial MT projects
John Tinsley

Assessing Translation Quality Metrics
Jennifer DeCamp

Machine Translation for English Retrieval of Information in Any Language (Machine translation for English-based domain-appropriate triage of information in any language)
Carl Rubino

A Taxonomy of Weeds: A Field Guide for Corpus Curators to Winnowing the Parallel Text Harvest
Katherine M. Young | Jeremy Gwinnup | Lane O.B. Schwartz

Toward Temporally-aware MT: Can Information Extraction Help Preserve Temporal Interpretation?
Taylor Cassidy | Jamal Laoudi | Clare Voss

Did You Mean...? and Dictionary Repair: from Science to Engineering
Michael Maxwell | Petra Bradley

Principle-Based Preparation of Authentic Bilingual Text Resources
Michelle Vanni

Machine Translation of Canadian Court Decisions
Lucie Langlois | Michel Simard | Elliott Macklovitch

Putting the “human” back in HLT: The importance of human evaluation in assessing the quality and potential uses of translation technology
Erica Michael | Petra Bradley | Paul McNamee | Matt Post

Proto-MT Evaluation for Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response Scenarios
Douglas Jones

Wearable Devices to Enable Communication via ASL (Sign Language Translation)
Patricia O’Neill-Brown | Nicolas Malyska

Tuning for Neural Machine Translation
Guido Zarrella

Invisible MT
Patricia O’Neill-Brown

MoJo: Bringing Hybrid MT to the Center for Applied Machine Translation
Marianna Martindale

Building Renewable Language Assets in Government Domains
Beth Flaherty | Joshua Johanson