Yuwei Wang


Rule Based Event Extraction for Artificial Social Intelligence
Remo Nitschke | Yuwei Wang | Chen Chen | Adarsh Pyarelal | Rebecca Sharp
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Pattern-based Approaches to NLP in the Age of Deep Learning

Natural language (as opposed to structured communication modes such as Morse code) is by far the most common mode of communication between humans, and can thus provide significant insight into both individual mental states and interpersonal dynamics. As part of DARPA’s Artificial Social Intelligence for Successful Teams (ASIST) program, we are developing an AI agent team member that constructs and maintains models of their human teammates and provides appropriate task-relevant advice to improve team processes and mission performance. One of the key components of this agent is a module that uses a rule-based approach to extract task-relevant events from natural language utterances in real time, and publish them for consumption by downstream components. In this case study, we evaluate the performance of our rule-based event extraction system on a recently conducted ASIST experiment consisting of a simulated urban search and rescue mission in Minecraft. We compare the performance of our approach with that of a zero-shot neural classifier, and find that our approach outperforms the classifier for all event types, even when the classifier is used in an oracle setting where it knows how many events should be extracted from each utterance.