Youness Mansar


The FinSim 2020 Shared Task: Learning Semantic Representations for the Financial Domain
Ismail El Maarouf | Youness Mansar | Virginie Mouilleron | Dialekti Valsamou-Stanislawski
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing


Sentence Classification for Investment Rules Detection
Youness Mansar | Sira Ferradans
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Economics and Natural Language Processing

In the last years, compliance requirements for the banking sector have greatly augmented, making the current compliance processes difficult to maintain. Any process that allows to accelerate the identification and implementation of compliance requirements can help address this issues. The contributions of the paper are twofold: we propose a new NLP task that is the investment rule detection, and a group of methods identify them. We show that the proposed methods are highly performing and fast, thus can be deployed in production.


Fortia-FBK at SemEval-2017 Task 5: Bullish or Bearish? Inferring Sentiment towards Brands from Financial News Headlines
Youness Mansar | Lorenzo Gatti | Sira Ferradans | Marco Guerini | Jacopo Staiano
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2017)

In this paper, we describe a methodology to infer Bullish or Bearish sentiment towards companies/brands. More specifically, our approach leverages affective lexica and word embeddings in combination with convolutional neural networks to infer the sentiment of financial news headlines towards a target company. Such architecture was used and evaluated in the context of the SemEval 2017 challenge (task 5, subtask 2), in which it obtained the best performance.