Yingying Wang


A Multimodal Motion-Captured Corpus of Matched and Mismatched Extravert-Introvert Conversational Pairs
Jackson Tolins | Kris Liu | Yingying Wang | Jean E. Fox Tree | Marilyn Walker | Michael Neff
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16)

This paper presents a new corpus, the Personality Dyads Corpus, consisting of multimodal data for three conversations between three personality-matched, two-person dyads (a total of 9 separate dialogues). Participants were selected from a larger sample to be 0.8 of a standard deviation above or below the mean on the Big-Five Personality extraversion scale, to produce an Extravert-Extravert dyad, an Introvert-Introvert dyad, and an Extravert-Introvert dyad. Each pair carried out conversations for three different tasks. The conversations were recorded using optical motion capture for the body and data gloves for the hands. Dyads’ speech was transcribed and the gestural and postural behavior was annotated with ANVIL. The released corpus includes personality profiles, ANVIL files containing speech transcriptions and the gestural annotations, and BVH files containing body and hand motion in 3D.


Thought De se, first person indexicals and Chinese reflexive ziji
Yingying Wang | Haihua Pan
Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation


The SAU Report for the 1st CIPS-SIGHAN-ParsEval-2010
Qiaoli Zhou | Wenjing Lang | Yingying Wang | Yan Wang | Dongfeng Cai
CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing