Yilin Wang


The CRECIL Corpus: a New Dataset for Extraction of Relations between Characters in Chinese Multi-party Dialogues
Yuru Jiang | Yang Xu | Yuhang Zhan | Weikai He | Yilin Wang | Zixuan Xi | Meiyun Wang | Xinyu Li | Yu Li | Yanchao Yu
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We describe a new freely available Chinese multi-party dialogue dataset for automatic extraction of dialogue-based character relationships. The data has been extracted from the original TV scripts of a Chinese sitcom called “I Love My Home” with complex family-based human daily spoken conversations in Chinese. First, we introduced human annotation scheme for both global Character relationship map and character reference relationship. And then we generated the dialogue-based character relationship triples. The corpus annotates relationships between 140 entities in total. We also carried out a data exploration experiment by deploying a BERT-based model to extract character relationships on the CRECIL corpus and another existing relation extraction corpus (DialogRE (CITATION)).The results demonstrate that extracting character relationships is more challenging in CRECIL than in DialogRE.


Designing Special Post-Processing Rules for SVM-Based Chinese Word Segmentation
Muhua Zhu | Yilin Wang | Zhenxing Wang | Huizhen Wang | Jingbo Zhu
Proceedings of the Fifth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing