Yann-Alan Pilatte


Rigor Mortis: Annotating MWEs with a Gamified Platform
Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Yann-Alan Pilatte | Mathieu Constant | Nicolas Lefèbvre
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We present here Rigor Mortis, a gamified crowdsourcing platform designed to evaluate the intuition of the speakers, then train them to annotate multi-word expressions (MWEs) in French corpora. We previously showed that the speakers’ intuition is reasonably good (65% in recall on non-fixed MWE). We detail here the annotation results, after a training phase using some of the tests developed in the PARSEME-FR project.


“Fingers in the Nose”: Evaluating Speakers’ Identification of Multi-Word Expressions Using a Slightly Gamified Crowdsourcing Platform
Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Matthieu Constant | Nicolas Lefèbvre | Yann-Alan Pilatte
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Linguistic Annotation, Multiword Expressions and Constructions (LAW-MWE-CxG-2018)

This article presents the results we obtained in crowdsourcing French speakers’ intuition concerning multi-work expressions (MWEs). We developed a slightly gamified crowdsourcing platform, part of which is designed to test users’ ability to identify MWEs with no prior training. The participants perform relatively well at the task, with a recall reaching 65% for MWEs that do not behave as function words.