Yanis Maistros


Fixed Similes: Measuring aspects of the relation between MWE idiomatic semantics and syntactic flexibility
Stella Markantonatou | Panagiotis Kouris | Yanis Maistros
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Linguistic Annotation, Multiword Expressions and Constructions (LAW-MWE-CxG-2018)

We shed light on aspects of the relation between the semantics and the syntactic flexibility of multiword expressions by investigating fixed adjective similes (FS), a predicative multiword expression class not studied in this respect before. We find that only a subset of the syntactic structures observed in the data are related with idiomaticity. We identify and measure two aspects of idiomaticity, one of which seems to allow for predictions about FS syntactic flexibility. Our research draws on a resource developed with the semantic and detailed syntactic annotation of web-retrieved Modern Greek material, indicating frequency of use of the individual similes.


Evaluating specifications for controlled Greek
Marina Vassiliou | Stella Markantonatou | Yanis Maistros | Vangelis Karkaletsis
EAMT Workshop: Improving MT through other language technology tools: resources and tools for building MT


Lexifanis”: A Lexical Analyzer of Modern Greek
Yannis Kotsanis | Yanis Maistros
Second Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics