Werner Spiegl


FAU IISAH Corpus – A German Speech Database Consisting of Human-Machine and Human-Human Interaction Acquired by Close-Talking and Far-Distance Microphones
Werner Spiegl | Korbinian Riedhammer | Stefan Steidl | Elmar Nöth
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)

In this paper the FAU IISAH corpus and its recording conditions are described: a new speech database consisting of human-machine and human-human interaction recordings. Beside close-talking microphones for the best possible audio quality of the recorded speech, far-distance microphones were used to acquire the interaction and communication. The recordings took place during a Wizard-of-Oz experiment in the intelligent, senior-adapted house (ISA-House). That is a living room with a speech controlled home assistance system for elderly people, based on a dialogue system, which is able to process spontaneous speech. During the studies in the ISA-House more than eight hours of interaction data were recorded including 3 hours and 27 minutes of spontaneous speech. The data were annotated in terms of human-human (off-talk) and human-machine (on-talk) interaction. The test persons used 2891 turns of off-talk and 2752 turns of on-talk including 1751 different words. Still in progress is the analysis under statistical and linguistical aspects.