Veronika Kolářová


NomVallex: A Valency Lexicon of Czech Nouns and Adjectives
Veronika Kolářová | Anna Vernerová
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We present NomVallex, a manually annotated valency lexicon of Czech nouns and adjectives. The lexicon is created in the theoretical framework of the Functional Generative Description and based on corpus data. In total, NomVallex 2.0 is comprised of 1027 lexical units contained in 570 lexemes, covering the following part-of-speech and derivational categories: deverbal and deadjectival nouns, and deverbal, denominal, deadjectival and primary adjectives. Valency properties of a lexical unit are captured in a valency frame which is modeled as a sequence of valency slots, supplemented with a list of morphemic forms. In order to make it possible to study the relationship between valency behavior of base words and their derivatives, lexical units of nouns and adjectives in NomVallex are linked to their respective base words, contained either in NomVallex itself or, in case of verbs, in a valency lexicon of Czech verbs called VALLEX. NomVallex enables a comparison of valency properties of a significant number of Czech nominals with their base words, both manually and in an automatic way; as such, we can address the theoretical question of argument inheritance, concentrating on systemic and non-systemic valency behavior.


Delimiting Adverbial Meanings. A corpus-based comparative study on Czech spatial prepositions and their English equivalents
Marie Mikulová | Veronika Kolářová | Jarmila Panevová | Eva Hajičová
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling, SyntaxFest 2019)