Vassilis Katsouros


SciPar: A Collection of Parallel Corpora from Scientific Abstracts
Dimitrios Roussis | Vassilis Papavassiliou | Prokopis Prokopidis | Stelios Piperidis | Vassilis Katsouros
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper presents SciPar, a new collection of parallel corpora created from openly available metadata of bachelor theses, master theses and doctoral dissertations hosted in institutional repositories, digital libraries of universities and national archives. We describe first how we harvested and processed metadata from 86, mainly European, repositories to extract bilingual titles and abstracts, and then how we mined high quality sentence pairs in a wide range of scientific areas and sub-disciplines. In total, the resource includes 9.17 million segment alignments in 31 language pairs and is publicly available via the ELRC-SHARE repository. The bilingual corpora in this collection could prove valuable in various applications, such as cross-lingual plagiarism detection or adapting Machine Translation systems for the translation of scientific texts and academic writing in general, especially for language pairs which include English.


Theano: A Greek-speaking conversational agent for COVID-19
Nikoletta Ventoura | Kosmas Palios | Yannis Vasilakis | Georgios Paraskevopoulos | Nassos Katsamanis | Vassilis Katsouros
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact

Conversational Agents (CAs) can be a proxy for disseminating information and providing support to the public, especially in times of crisis. CAs can scale to reach larger numbers of end-users than human operators, while they can offer information interactively and engagingly. In this work, we present Theano, a Greek-speaking virtual assistant for COVID-19. Theano presents users with COVID-19 statistics and facts and informs users about the best health practices as well as the latest COVID-19 related guidelines. Additionally, Theano provides support to end-users by helping them self-assess their symptoms and redirecting them to first-line health workers. The relevant, localized information that Theano provides, makes it a valuable tool for combating COVID-19 in Greece. Theano has already conversed with different users in more than 170 different conversations through a web interface as a chatbot and over the phone as a voice bot.