Vassilis Athitsos


Benchmark Databases for Video-Based Automatic Sign Language Recognition
Philippe Dreuw | Carol Neidle | Vassilis Athitsos | Stan Sclaroff | Hermann Ney
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

A new, linguistically annotated, video database for automatic sign language recognition is presented. The new RWTH-BOSTON-400 corpus, which consists of 843 sentences, several speakers and separate subsets for training, development, and testing is described in detail. For evaluation and benchmarking of automatic sign language recognition, large corpora are needed. Recent research has focused mainly on isolated sign language recognition methods using video sequences that have been recorded under lab conditions using special hardware like data gloves. Such databases have often consisted generally of only one speaker and thus have been speaker-dependent, and have had only small vocabularies. A new database access interface, which was designed and created to provide fast access to the database statistics and content, makes it possible to easily browse and retrieve particular subsets of the video database. Preliminary baseline results on the new corpora are presented. In contradistinction to other research in this area, all databases presented in this paper will be publicly available.