Tod Allman


Philippine Language Resources: Applications, Issues, and Directions
Nathaniel Oco | Leif Romeritch Syliongka | Tod Allman | Rachel Edita Roxas
Proceedings of the 30th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation: Posters


Linguist’s Assistant: A Multi-Lingual Natural Language Generator based on Linguistic Universals, Typologies, and Primitives
Tod Allman | Stephen Beale | Richard Denton
INLG 2012 Proceedings of the Seventh International Natural Language Generation Conference


Linguist’s Assistant: A Resource For Linguists
Stephen Beale | Tod Allman
Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Asian Language Resources


Document Authoring the Bible for Minority Language Translation
Stephen Beale | Sergei Nirenburg | Marjorie McShane | Tod Allman
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Papers

This paper describes one approach to document authoring and natural language generation being pursued by the Summer Institute of Linguistics in cooperation with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. We will describe the tools provided for document authoring, including a glimpse at the underlying controlled language and the semantic representation of the textual meaning. We will also introduce The Bible Translator’s Assistant© (TBTA), which is used to elicit and enter target language data as well as perform the actual text generation process. We conclude with a discussion of the usefulness of this paradigm from a Bible translation perspective and suggest several ways in which this work will benefit the field of computational linguistics.