Tatsuya Sukehiro


Implementation of collaborative translation environment ‘Yakushite Net’
Toshiki Murata | Mihoko Kitamura | Tsuyoshi Fukui | Tatsuya Sukehiro
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: System Presentations

This paper describes an implementation of Collaborative Translation Environment ‘Yakushite Net’. In ‘Yakushite Net’, Internet users collaborate in enhancing the dictionaries of their specialty fields, and the system thus improves and expands its accuracy and areas of translations. In the course of realization of this system, we encountered several technical challenges. We would like to first explain those challenges, and then the solutions to them. Our future plan will also be explained at the end.


Collaborative translation environment on the Web
Sayori Shimohata | Mihoko Kitamura | Tatsuya Sukehiro | Toshiki Murata
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

This paper describes a comprehensive translation environment build on the Internet. This environment is designed not only to translate web pages but also to support translation work on the web. We first introduce a basic idea and implementation of this environment and then compare it to conventional machine translation (MT) systems available on the web and translation memories.