Takuya Nishimura


Two stage Machine Translation System using Pattern-based MT and Phrase-based SMT
Jin’ichi Murakami | Takuya Nishimura | Masoto Tokuhisa
Workshop on Monolingual Machine Translation

We have developed a two-stage machine translation (MT) system. The first stage consists of an automatically created pattern-based machine translation system (PBMT), and the second stage consists of a standard phrase-based statistical machine translation (SMT) system. We studied for the Japanese-English simple sentence task. First, we obtained English sentences from Japanese sentences using an automatically created Japanese-English pattern-based machine translation. We call the English sentences obtained in this way as “English”. Second, we applied a standard SMT (Moses) to the results. This means that we translated the “English” sentences into English by SMT. We also conducted ABX tests (Clark, 1982) to compare the outputs by the standard SMT (Moses) with those by the proposed system for 100 sentences. The experimental results indicated that 30 sentences output by the proposed system were evaluated as being better than those outputs by the standard SMT system, whereas 9 sentences output by the standard SMT system were thought to be better than those outputs by the proposed system. This means that our proposed system functioned effectively in the Japanese-English simple sentence task.


Statistical pattern-based MT with statistical French-English MT
Jin’ichi Murakami | Takuya Nishimura | Masao Tokuhisa
Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation: Evaluation Campaign