Susan Herring


Graphicon Evolution on the Chinese Social Media Platform BiliBili
Yiqiong Zhang | Susan Herring | Suifu Gan
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Emoji Understanding and Applications in Social Media

This study examines the evolutionary trajectory of graphicons in a 13-year corpus of comments from BiliBili, a popular Chinese video-sharing platform. Findings show that emoticons (kaomoji) rose and fell in frequency, while emojis and stickers are both presently on the rise. Graphicon distributions differ in comments and replies to comments. There is also a strong correlation between the types of graphicons used in comments and their corresponding replies, suggesting a priming effect. Finally, qualitative analysis of the 10 most-frequent kaomojis, emojis, and stickers reveals a trend for each successive graphicon type to become less about emotion expression and more integrated with platform-specific culture and the Chinese language. These findings lend partial support to claims in the literature about graphicon evolution.


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Automating Analysis of Social Media Communication: Insights from CMDA
Susan Herring
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language in Social Media (LSM 2011)