Smita Ghaisas


Hasyarasa at SemEval-2020 Task 7: Quantifying Humor as Departure from Expectedness
Ravi Theja Desetty | Ranit Chatterjee | Smita Ghaisas
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

This paper describes our system submission Hasyarasa for the SemEval-2020 Task-7: Assessing Humor in Edited News Headlines. This task has two subtasks. The goal of Subtask 1 is to predict the mean funniness of the edited headline given the original and the edited headline. In Subtask 2, given two edits on the original headline, the goal is to predict the funnier of the two. We observed that the departure from expected state/ actions of situations/ individuals is the cause of humor in the edited headlines. We propose two novel features: Contextual Semantic Distance and Contextual Neighborhood Distance to estimate this departure and thus capture the contextual absurdity and hence the humor in the edited headlines. We have used these features together with a Bi-LSTM Attention based model and have achieved 0.53310 RMSE for Subtask 1 and 60.19% accuracy for Subtask 2.


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Towards Disambiguating Contracts for their Successful Execution - A Case from Finance Domain
Preethu Rose Anish | Abhishek Sainani | Nitin Ramrakhiyani | Sachin Pawar | Girish K Palshikar | Smita Ghaisas
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing