Seungho Cha

Also published as: S. Cha


USC: Description of the SNAP System Used for MUC-5
Dan Moldovan | Seungho Cha | Minhwa Chung | Tony Gallippi | Kenneth J. Hendrickson | Jun-Tae Kim | Changhwa Lin | Chinyew Lin
Fifth Message Understanding Conference (MUC-5): Proceedings of a Conference Held in Baltimore, Maryland, August 25-27, 1993


USC: MUC-4 Test Results and Analysis
D. Moldovan | S. Cha | M. Chung | K. Hendrickson | J. Kim | S. Kowalski
Fourth Message Uunderstanding Conference (MUC-4): Proceedings of a Conference Held in McLean, Virginia, June 16-18, 1992


Toward High Performance Machine Translation: Preliminary Results from Massively Parallel Memory-Based Translation on SNAP
Hiroaki Kitano | Dan Moldovan | Seungho Cha
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit III: Papers

This paper describes a memory-based machine translation system developed for the Semantic Net- work Array Processor (SNAP). The goal of our work is to develop a scalable and high-performance memory-based machine translation system which utilizes the high degree of parallelism provided by the SNAP machine. We have implemented an experimental machine translation system DMSNAP as a central part of a real-time speech-to-speech dia- logue translation system. It is a SNAP version of the ΦDMDIALOG speech-to-speech translation system. Memory-based natural language processing and syntactic constraint network model has been incorporated using parallel marker-passing which is directly supported from hardware level. Experimental results demonstrate that the parsing of a sentence is done in the order of milliseconds.