Sarah Alqaseemi


AraLegal-BERT: A pretrained language model for Arabic Legal text
Muhammad Al-qurishi | Sarah Alqaseemi | Riad Souissi
Proceedings of the Natural Legal Language Processing Workshop 2022

The effectiveness of the bidirectional encoder representations from transformers (BERT) model for multiple linguistic tasks is well documented. However, its potential for a narrow and specific domain, such as legal, has not been fully explored. In this study, we examine the use of BERT in the Arabic legal domain and customize this language model for several downstream tasks using different domain-relevant training and test datasets to train BERT from scratch. We introduce AraLegal-BERT, a bidirectional encoder transformer-based model that has been thoroughly tested and carefully optimized with the goal of amplifying the impact of natural language processing-driven solutions on jurisprudence, legal documents, and legal practice. We fine-tuned AraLegal-BERT and evaluated it against three BERT variants for the Arabic language in three natural language understanding tasks. The results showed that the base version of AraLegal-BERT achieved better accuracy than the typical and original BERT model concerning legal texts.