Rafał Jaworski


nEYron: Implementation and Deployment of an MT System for a Large Audit & Consulting Corporation
Artur Nowakowski | Krzysztof Jassem | Maciej Lison | Rafał Jaworski | Tomasz Dwojak | Karolina Wiater | Olga Posesor
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation

This paper reports on the implementation and deployment of an MT system in the Polish branch of EY Global Limited. The system supports standard CAT and MT functionalities such as translation memory fuzzy search, document translation and post-editing, and meets less common, customer-specific expectations. The deployment began in August 2018 with a Proof of Concept, and ended with the signing of the Final Version acceptance certificate in October 2021. We present the challenges that were faced during the deployment, particularly in relation to the security check and installation processes in the production environment.


TRANSLAIDE. The translaide.pl system: an effective real world installation of translation memory searching and EBMT
Rafał Jaworski | Renata Ziemlińska
Proceedings of the 17th Annual conference of the European Association for Machine Translation