Philip Diderichsen


World Class Language Technology - Developing a Language Technology Strategy for Danish
Sabine Kirchmeier | Bolette Pedersen | Sanni Nimb | Philip Diderichsen | Peter Juel Henrichsen
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Although Denmark is one of the most digitized countries in Europe, no coordinated efforts have been made in recent years to support the Danish language with regard to language technology and artificial intelligence. In March 2019, however, the Danish government adopted a new, ambitious strategy for LT and artificial intelligence. In this paper, we describe the process behind the development of the language-related parts of the strategy: A Danish Language Technology Committee was constituted and a comprehensive series of workshops were organized in which users, suppliers, developers, and researchers gave their valuable input based on their experiences. We describe how, based on this experience, the focus areas and recommendations for the LT strategy were established, and which steps are currently taken in order to put the strategy into practice.


A Corpus-Based Approach to Topic in Danish dialog
Philip Diderichsen | Jakob Elming
Proceedings of the ACL Student Research Workshop