Pavel Blinov


Text Augmentation Techniques in Drug Adverse Effect Detection Task
Pavel Blinov
Proceedings of the Sixth Social Media Mining for Health (#SMM4H) Workshop and Shared Task

The paper researches the problem of drug adverse effect detection in texts of social media. We describe the development of such classification system for Russian tweets. To increase the train dataset we apply a couple of augmentation techniques and analyze their effect in comparison with similar systems presented at 2021 years’ SMM4H Workshop.


Transformer Models for Drug Adverse Effects Detection from Tweets
Pavel Blinov | Manvel Avetisian
Proceedings of the Fifth Social Media Mining for Health Applications Workshop & Shared Task

In this paper we present the drug adverse effects detection system developed during our participation in the Social Media Mining for Health Applications Shared Task 2020. We experimented with transfer learning approach for English and Russian, BERT and RoBERTa architectures and several strategies for regression head composition. Our final submissions in both languages overcome average F1 by several percents margin.

Semantic Triples Verbalization with Generative Pre-Training Model
Pavel Blinov
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Natural Language Generation from the Semantic Web (WebNLG+)

The paper devoted to the problem of automatic text generation from RDF triples. This problem was formalized and proposed as a part of the 2020 WebNLG challenge. We describe our approach to the RDF-to-text generation task based on a neural network model with the Generative Pre-Training (GPT-2) architecture. In particular, we outline a way of base GPT-2 model conversion to a model with language and classification heads and discuss the text generation methods. To research the parameters’ influence on the end-task performance a series of experiments was carried out. We report the result metrics and conclude with possible improvement directions.


Types of Aspect Terms in Aspect-Oriented Sentiment Labeling
Natalia Loukachevitch | Evgeniy Kotelnikov | Pavel Blinov
The 5th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing


Blinov: Distributed Representations of Words for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis at SemEval 2014
Pavel Blinov | Eugeny Kotelnikov
Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2014)