Paula Reichenberg


From Research to Production: Fine-Grained Analysis of Terminology Integration
Toms Bergmanis | Mārcis Pinnis | Paula Reichenberg
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XVIII: Users and Providers Track

Dynamic terminology integration in neural machine translation (NMT) is a sought-after feature of computer-aided translation tools among language service providers and small to medium businesses. Despite the recent surge in research on terminology integration in NMT, it still is seldom or inadequately supported in commercial machine translation solutions. In this presentation, we will share our experience of developing and deploying terminology integration capabilities for NMT systems in production. We will look at the three core tasks of terminology integration: terminology management, terminology identification, and translation with terminology. This talk will be insightful for NMT system developers, translators, terminologists, and anyone interested in translation projects.


Customized Neural Machine Translation Systems for the Swiss Legal Domain
Rubén Martínez-Domínguez | Matīss Rikters | Artūrs Vasiļevskis | Mārcis Pinnis | Paula Reichenberg
Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 2: User Track)