P Sangeetha


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Parsing Subordinate Clauses in Telugu using Rule-based Dependency Parser
P Sangeetha | Parameswari Krishnamurthy | Amba Kulkarni
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Parsing and its Applications for Indian Languages

Parsing has been gaining popularity in recent years and attracted the interest of NLP researchers around the world. It is challenging when the language under study is a free-word order language that allows ellipsis like Telugu. In this paper, an attempt is made to parse subordinate clauses especially, non-finite verb clauses and relative clauses in Telugu which are highly productive and constitute a large chunk in parsing tasks. This study adopts a knowledge-driven approach to parse subordinate structures using linguistic cues as rules. Challenges faced in parsing ambiguous structures are elaborated alongside providing enhanced tags to handle them. Results are encouraging and this parser proves to be efficient for Telugu.