Om Adideva Paranjay


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Evaluating Neural Word Embeddings for Sanskrit
Jivnesh Sandhan | Om Adideva Paranjay | Komal Digumarthi | Laxmidhar Behra | Pawan Goyal
Proceedings of the Computational Sanskrit & Digital Humanities: Selected papers presented at the 18th World Sanskrit Conference


Prabhupadavani: A Code-mixed Speech Translation Data for 25 Languages
Jivnesh Sandhan | Ayush Daksh | Om Adideva Paranjay | Laxmidhar Behera | Pawan Goyal
Proceedings of the 6th Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature

Nowadays, the interest in code-mixing has become ubiquitous in Natural Language Processing (NLP); however, not much attention has been given to address this phenomenon for Speech Translation (ST) task. This can be solely attributed to the lack of code-mixed ST task labelled data. Thus, we introduce Prabhupadavani, which is a multilingual code-mixed ST dataset for 25 languages. It is multi-domain, covers ten language families, containing 94 hours of speech by 130+ speakers, manually aligned with corresponding text in the target language. The Prabhupadavani is about Vedic culture and heritage from Indic literature, where code-switching in the case of quotation from literature is important in the context of humanities teaching. To the best of our knowledge, Prabhupadvani is the first multi-lingual code-mixed ST dataset available in the ST literature. This data also can be used for a code-mixed machine translation task. All the dataset can be accessed at: