Najmeh Zare


DadmaTools: Natural Language Processing Toolkit for Persian Language
Romina Etezadi | Mohammad Karrabi | Najmeh Zare | Mohamad Bagher Sajadi | Mohammad Taher Pilehvar
Proceedings of the 2022 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies: System Demonstrations

We introduce DadmaTools, an open-source Python Natural Language Processing toolkit for the Persian language. The toolkit is a neural pipeline based on spaCy for several text processing tasks, including normalization, tokenization, lemmatization, part-of-speech, dependency parsing, constituency parsing, chunking, and ezafe detecting. DadmaTools relies on fine-tuning of ParsBERT using the PerDT dataset for most of the tasks. Dataset module and embedding module are included in DadmaTools that support different Persian datasets, embeddings, and commonly used functions for them. Our evaluations show that DadmaTools can attain state-of-the-art performance on multiple NLP tasks. The source code is freely available at