Muge Kural


Transformers on Multilingual Clause-Level Morphology
Emre Can Acikgoz | Tilek Chubakov | Muge Kural | Gözde Şahin | Deniz Yuret
Proceedings of the The 2nd Workshop on Multi-lingual Representation Learning (MRL)

This paper describes the KUIS-AI NLP team’s submission for the 1st Shared Task on Multilingual Clause-level Morphology (MRL2022). We present our work on all three parts of the shared task: inflection, reinflection, and analysis. We mainly explore two approaches: Trans- former models in combination with data augmentation, and exploiting the state-of-the-art language modeling techniques for morphological analysis. Data augmentation leads to a remarkable performance improvement for most of the languages in the inflection task. Prefix-tuning on pretrained mGPT model helps us to adapt reinflection and analysis tasks in a low-data setting. Additionally, we used pipeline architectures using publicly available open-source lemmatization tools and monolingual BERT- based morphological feature classifiers for rein- flection and analysis tasks, respectively. While Transformer architectures with data augmentation and pipeline architectures achieved the best results for inflection and reinflection tasks, pipelines and prefix-tuning on mGPT received the highest results for the analysis task. Our methods achieved first place in each of the three tasks and outperforms mT5-baseline with 89% for inflection, 80% for reflection, and 12% for analysis. Our code 1 is publicly available.