Michel Carl


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Reversible Template-based Shake & Bake Generation
Michel Carl | Paul Schmidt | Jörg Schütz
Workshop on example-based machine translation

Corpus-based MT systems that analyse and generalise texts beyond the surface forms of words require generation tools to re-generate the various internal representations into valid target language (TL) sentences. While the generation of word-forms from lemmas is probably the last step in every text generation process at its very bottom end, token-generation cannot be accomplished without structural and morpho-syntactic knowledge of the sentence to be generated. As in many other MT models, this knowledge is composed of a target language model and a bag of information transferred from the source language. In this paper we establish an abstracted, linguistically informed, target language model. We use a tagger, a lemmatiser and a parser to infer a template grammar from the TL corpus. Given a linguistically informed TL model, the aim is to see what need be provided from the transfer module for generation. During computation of the template grammar, we simultaneously build up for each TL sentence the content of the bag such that the sentence can be deterministically reproduced. In this way we control the completeness of the approach and will have an idea of what pieces of information we need to code in the TL bag.