Michael Strobl


Enhanced Entity Annotations for Multilingual Corpora
Michael Strobl | Amine Trabelsi | Osmar Zaïane
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Modern approaches in Natural Language Processing (NLP) require, ideally, large amounts of labelled data for model training. However, new language resources, for example, for Named Entity Recognition (NER), Co-reference Resolution (CR), Entity Linking (EL) and Relation Extraction (RE), naming a few of the most popular tasks in NLP, have always been challenging to create since manual text annotations can be very time-consuming to acquire. While there may be an acceptable amount of labelled data available for some of these tasks in one language, there may be a lack of datasets in another. WEXEA is a tool to exhaustively annotate entities in the English Wikipedia. Guidelines for editors of Wikipedia articles result, on the one hand, in only a few annotations through hyperlinks, but on the other hand, make it easier to exhaustively annotate the rest of these articles with entities than starting from scratch. We propose the following main improvements to WEXEA: Creating multi-lingual corpora, improved entity annotations using a proven NER system, annotating dates and times. A brief evaluation of the annotation quality of WEXEA is added.


WEXEA: Wikipedia EXhaustive Entity Annotation
Michael Strobl | Amine Trabelsi | Osmar Zaiane
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Building predictive models for information extraction from text, such as named entity recognition or the extraction of semantic relationships between named entities in text, requires a large corpus of annotated text. Wikipedia is often used as a corpus for these tasks where the annotation is a named entity linked by a hyperlink to its article. However, editors on Wikipedia are only expected to link these mentions in order to help the reader to understand the content, but are discouraged from adding links that do not add any benefit for understanding an article. Therefore, many mentions of popular entities (such as countries or popular events in history), or previously linked articles, as well as the article’s entity itself, are not linked. In this paper, we discuss WEXEA, a Wikipedia EXhaustive Entity Annotation system, to create a text corpus based on Wikipedia with exhaustive annotations of entity mentions, i.e. linking all mentions of entities to their corresponding articles. This results in a huge potential for additional annotations that can be used for downstream NLP tasks, such as Relation Extraction. We show that our annotations are useful for creating distantly supervised datasets for this task. Furthermore, we publish all code necessary to derive a corpus from a raw Wikipedia dump, so that it can be reproduced by everyone.